A man attempting a 5-day marathon from Lagos to Port Harcourt in order to break the Guinness World Record is hospitalized.

Guinness World Record

A Nigerian guy who recently embarked on a five-day marathon from Lagos to Port Harcourt in the hopes of breaking the Guinness World Record is apparently in the hospital.

In a Facebook image with the title “Wene Port Harcourt,” he is shown laying in a hospital bed undergoing treatment.

“Unimaginable pain,” he wrote. I give everything time and space. Time. Scars? Time. Disbelief? Time will tell. Wene is at home until then!”

It was stated a few days ago that the aforementioned Nigerian man intended to break the Guinness World Record when he supposedly set out from Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos to the Rivers State government residence.

On October 21, he posted on his Facebook page that he had finished the 5-day marathon trek and had arrived in Rivers State.

Meanwhile, the Guinness World Record has yet to issue a statement or respond to the Nigerian man’s completion of the 5-day marathon.

Well-wishers have filled the comment area of his website in response to his hospital images, sending their well wishes.

See some reactions are listed below:

Mhiz Gifty says, “Quick recovery.”

Wosu Moses, Comr “Congratulations, brother; all the doubting Thomases will soon follow.” I’d like to congratulate you. I wish you a speedy recovery.”

“Quick recovery wene…..God’s healing hands are upon u my luv,” Debby Prettyoroma says.

“Quickest recovery, wene,” says Gogo Minini. You’re a fantastic man.”

“God has already taken control of ur health,” says Leo Mayunk. Amen.”

Amara Glory: “Quick recovery, bro.”

Umereoma Goodness: “You will be fine, our winner.”

“You will be fine,” says Azeruba Chimene Ihunwo. The most important thing is that the aim was met.”

Mimi’s promise is this: “Your pains has indeed pave way for you, be strong, and receive quick recovery.”

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