A US-based Cape Coast artist Tallybo Ix Flowsachi reiterates displeasure about how Africans are chasing Grammy Awards

The performer said on his Facebook page that Africans should not use the honor as a yardstick for judging other Africans, as it could discourage both established and upcoming artists.

He thinks there is no reason for African artists to be disappointed if their names are not included in the nominees because he thinks the Grammy Award and the Ghanaian award program, the VGMA, or Nigeria’s CMA, are the same.

He continued by saying that, in contrast to African awards, the Grammys are well marketed and well-hyped. He said African singers have been brainwashed into thinking that their Grammys are inferior. As he wrote,

“You are in Africa chasing an American music award (Grammys) and using it as a yardstick to measure African artistes.The Grammys is just like VGMA or Nigerian music awards or CMA but it’s branded well and hyped up.You guys are just brainwashed.Same way you say CMA or VGMA is corrupt;Same way Americans say Grammys is corrupt.Support your own and make it big”

Tallybo Ix Flowsachi creates amazing music by fusing hiplife, highlife, and rap; his hit song “Crack the Code” is performing well across all platforms.

Look at the post below.

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