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Afrikaba Ronnie urges musicians to support the new MUSIGA executives in order for the organization to function effectively

Afrikaba Ronnie Ato Paintsil

Afrikaba Ronnie urges musicians to support the new MUSIGA executives in order for the organization to function effectively.


During a recent showbiz talk show on Obrempon 91.7 FM, famous pundit and artiste manager Afrikaba Ronnie, born Ronnie Ato Paintsil, underlined the necessity of good support from artists for the recently elected executives of the artists Union of Ghana (MUSIGA). He asked other musicians to refrain from harming the union’s image, as doing so hinders the organization’s capacity to gain affiliations from corporations and other organizations.

Afrikaba Ronnie emphasized that no company or business wants to be linked with a group that its own members do not approve of. He emphasized the need of artists uniting behind the new MUSIGA executives and providing them with the resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

Furthermore, Afrikaba Ronnie urged with MUSIGA officials to embrace constructive criticism and build member solidarity. He admitted that elections have concluded and that it is critical for the elected leadership to collaborate and prioritize the interests of the union and its members.

Afrikaba Ronnie expressed his confidence in the newly elected national leaders and praised their devotion and commitment to the music industry. Bessa Simons is the President, Reverend Thomas Yawson is the First Vice President, Abena Ruthy is the Second Vice President, S. K. Agyemang is the General Secretary, Reverend Edusa Eyison is the National Treasurer, Reverend Gifty Ghansah is the National Welfare Officer, and Chizzy Wailer is the National Organizer.

He stressed that MUSIGA’s success is based on the joint work of its members and their support of the elected officials. MUSIGA can recruit new affiliations and collaborations by working together and promoting a positive image of the union, ultimately benefiting all artists in Ghana.

Afrikaba Ronnie’s call for unity and support for the new MUSIGA executives reminds musicians of their collaborative duty in defining Ghana’s music industry’s future. The union can grow and effectively serve the interests of its members with constructive criticism and supportive support.

As the music industry evolves, it is critical for musicians to band together, support their leaders, and work together to promote and advance the Ghanaian music scene.



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