All you need to know about “Yardie Sessions”

Yardie Sessions

“Yardie Sessions” is a live music performance series that was started to assist (underground, emerging, and mainstream) artists in honing their stage skills. It also provides a recording academy and A&R services. Being able to perform live is an essential first step on the road to success for artists.


We feature music from a wide range of genres, including highlife, rap, drill, hiphop, afrobeat, reggae, dancehall, and afrodancehall.

Any artist who expresses interest and is prepared for the work at hand is welcome to use our platform.

Although we are currently doing our seminars in Kumasi, we have plans to host them throughout the nation and even abroad.

We are also currently self funded without any sponsorship deals but we are open for business partnership opportunities if interested parties shows any interest.


Email: yardiesessions@gmail.com

Phone : +233 244 955 662

YouTube: Yardie Sessions

Instagram : yardie_sessions

Twitter: Yardie_Sessions

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