Asiedua of Ghana Most Beautiful 2022 celebrates birthday with Adom Memorial DayCare Centre after painting the school building.

Asiedua of Ghana Most Beautiful

Asiedua, Ghana Most Beautiful 2022 celebrates birthday with Adom Memorial DayCare Centre after painting the school building.

Asiedua, the 2nd runner up for Ghana Most Beautiful 2022 last Sunday on the 29th of October, 2023 held a birthday party with Adom Memorial DayCare Centre located at Cape Coast after painting the school building.

Born Asiedua Grace Afanyi Arhin celebrated her 25th birthday on the 25th of October, 2023 decided to grace it by partying with her alma mater that nurtured her.

Explanation her reason for such celebration, she stated that school children has a soft spot in her heart and therefore decided with her management to have this party here.

“I love children and love to do things for them. They have a soft spot in my heart, and as part of their foundation, they need an environment that is accessible, welcoming, and gives them the free mind to learn. So as part of my project, ‘Young and Read Foundation’, which believes that children are ready to learn, what matters is the environment the school is offering them. We seek to fish out all such children and make education accessible to all of them. We know some children are provided with everything, but some are also disfranchised from it. My team and I came together to help this particular school.

Asked if school gesture will be extended to other schools?

“Of course we are willing to go to other schools in the region, but there is a saying that ‘Charity begins at home’ and this is a place I schooled at during my nursery education, so it’s just right that I start where I first took a step. I am happy to be doing this for the children; I am happy to be painting their space, which they are going to get knowledge from; and I am happy to give them things that put smiles on their faces. That makes me happy.

Message to her colleagues that schooled at Adom Memorial DayCare Centre:

“I think it’s a good thing. It’s no rush. It’s one step at a time, so you don’t have to rush it, but it’s a good thing to give back to society. In any little way, they can try and get them something that will put smiles on their faces and change their mood on how they approach their learning.

She ended by encouraging the teachers and the management to always try their possible best to help the children cuz they don’t know what will become of them in the future and when they make it, their names will be remembered and they will also be back here to help the school.

The proprietress of the school, Madam Avis Boison used the opportunity to thank Asiedua for making the children and pleaded with the past students to come onboard and help the school.

“We thank Asiedua so much for spending her birthday with us (Adom Memorial DayCare Center); that’s Asiedua’s alma mater. We are appealing to the past students to come to our aid and support us. Since the school trained them, they should really come and support us.

Story: DjQwequ

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