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Bisa K’dei has been named a prominent performing artist for SXSW 2024

SXSW 2024

Bisa K’dei has been named a prominent performing artist for SXSW 2024.


The highly anticipated 2024 edition of the famed South By Southwest (SXSW) festival, known for its celebration of music, cinema, and technology, has officially unveiled its roster. Bisa K’dei stands out as a light of Ghanaian music among the variety of outstanding singers ready to grace the stage.

Bisa K’dei, who hails from Ghana’s lively music scene, has made a huge influence in Ghana’s music industry with his distinctive blend of highlife, afrobeats, and current sounds.

Many people are surprised that he has been chosen to perform at one of the most prominent events in the entertainment industry.

For those who are unfamiliar with SXSW, it is an annual event held in Austin, Texas that attracts artists, industry experts, and enthusiasts from all over the world.

With a three-decade history, this festival has evolved into a forum for artists to receive visibility, engage with industry insiders, and display their talent to a diverse audience.

Bisa K’dei’s presence in the SXSW 2024 program reflects his burgeoning international popularity and the growing global appreciation of African music.

Bisa K’dei, known for chart-topping hits like “Mansa,” “Brother Brother,” and “Asew,” has garnered millions of streams on multiple digital platforms, making him one of Ghana’s most popular current artists.

SXSW is dedicated to assisting creative people in achieving their aims. SXSW is most known for its conferences and festivals that highlight the intersection of technology, film and television, music, education, and culture. It was founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas.

The annual March event is a must-attend for worldwide professionals, with workshops, music and comedy showcases, film and television screenings, exhibitions, professional development, and a range of networking possibilities.

SXSW demonstrates that the most unexpected discoveries occur when disparate themes and individuals collide. SXSW 2024 will be held in Austin from March 8 to 16. More information is available at sxsw.com. Please visit sxsw.com/attend to register for the event.

SXSW 2024 is sponsored by Porsche, C4 Energy, and The Austin Chronicle.

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