Cofi Boham is out with a New Single Titled ” Eggs in One Basket”

Cofi Boham

Cofi Boham is out with a New Single Titled ” Eggs in One Basket”


Fast rising Ghanaian Gospel artiste Cofi Boham is out a new single titled ”Eggs in One Basket”. The multi-gifted, pastor, teacher, musician and songwriter announced his recent song on 4th December 2023.

As a recording artist, he has several songs to His credit such as, “I Can Do All Things”, “I’m Going to the ends of the World”, “Bloodooo”, “Flow”, “Broken Pencils”, and his new release, “Names of Talkatives”.



The Holy Spirit always remains the primary inspiration behind all my music. His methods however, vary from song to song. For Eggs in One Basket, I can say the idea began from the English expression, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. That statement is to say, diversify your investments so that if one fails, you have others to fall back on. The eggs also depict to fragile and precious things, in this case out very lives. So one day, I heard someome use that idiomatic expression. Instantly, the Holy Spirit impressed the thought on my mind. Being a preacher with scriptural examples, the Spirit and I began to write, exposing how that statement does not apply to our Christian faith – Ps Cofi Boham

The pillar of the believer’s faith is ABSOLUTE faith in God and in the name of Jesus. We have no backup plan besides God. We can only fail if God fails, so yeah! We can never be casualties in His hands. Our eggs are safe in His hands.


Eggs in one Basket is now available on all digital platforms for download and streaming.

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