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Don’t Tag every Ghanaian Artist As Opportunist – Iwan to friends in diaspora

Iwan to Diaspora family

Ghanaian musician Iwan Suhyini has caution his diaspora family to resist from tagging every Ghanaian Artist as opportunist.

We can’t emphatically state what might cause this but can’t be ready from the post as he expressed his grievances over suppose gate keepers blocking chances from events organisers outside the country.

Read his post below:

This goes to our beloved brothers and sisters in the Diaspora. be it Jamaica, US, Europe, UK etc.. Don’t Tag every Ghanaian Artist As Opportunist just because you have been duped and Used by Someone somewhere.. Please and Please, Some of us are Hardworking and responsible people who will love to Earn and Eat from their own Sweat. We not hopeless and We not Desperate.. Check on the Projects that Iwan Suhyini does and you will Understand, that we have Artists who are only after their Belly and also Artist who are All about helping other Acts As well. So please and please spare us that,..

Personally, I think some Greedy and Selfish Individuals in this Industry is/are the cause of this problems. we hear of it always and we know about them.. We know about how they Slander and Spoil our image to this foreigners, just to block chances. But the Most Interesting Part is, when an opportunity comes which benefit the masses, One Greedy and Selfish Man, will mess it up .. instead to pay individual (Artist, Tv, Radio, Dj,) or colleagues to do their respective works , they rather sit on all the money and go run some yawa shows, using our same images to promote. So it makes it look like We are all Involved, No No No, Big NO. We are just quite about it because some of us choose peace. And at the same time knows the Road to the LAW COURT.

So before Any African living in the Diaspora cultivate any mentality like , ”All Ghanaians are Opportunist” , just know that Some of Us are Proud and Hardworkers. We don’t dig Gold, We are Gold, We know our Worth. JAH..

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