Elmina Dance Academy hosts its first dancing workshop

Elmina Dance Academy

Elmina Dance Academy hosts its first dancing workshop.

Elmina Dance Academy’s first dance workshop, Afrovibes Dance Workshop, was discovered by Elmina Dance Academy’s head and creator, Jaybog.

This dance program was created to assist aspiring dancers and dance enthusiasts in honing their dance skills, as well as to assist boys and girls in mastering the disciplines of break dancing.

Break dancing is a new discipline in the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Jaybog has learned from Bboy Lyricx to take Afrovibes dancing workshops to every part of the Central and Western Regions.

The dancing workshop would not have been possible without the assistance of OIADA International and Buyafricaland.

This initiative is Powered by Rokcstoneproduction/BYB Management who are management of Elmina Dance Academy.

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