Fella Makafui describes her near-suicide attempt.

Fella Makafui

The Ghanaian actress Fella Makafui recently opened up about a painful time in her life when she was compelled to consider taking her own life because of constantly hurtful remarks on social media.
During a Daybreak Hitz interview on Hitz FM, the actress asserted that she is among the most harassed celebrities in Ghana.

Fella, who is now promoting her film “Resonance,” talked about what drove her to the brink and said it seriously damaged her mental state.

After overcoming the bad experience, Fella Makafui stated she made the decision to ignore detractors who don’t support her.

“So far as you don’t say it that much, it stays where it is. The bad word travels more than the truth. 2019, I was having a meeting with my manager, and he told me about something that was happening on social media and I almost took my life.

That’s all I have to say if I tell you now that I don’t come out in public. It was necessary to refute the trolling effect; I don’t talk this much to make a point. I count among those who experience bullying, if that’s appropriate. It’s gone the instant I say it, so I don’t want to bring it up.

Fella Makafui gives thanks to God for granting her the ability to overcome these challenges.

“I just believe that God blesses us through our hearts. We shouldn’t hate and envy, I move with these three things. I think God is probably blessing me. I don’t think I go to church like that, I think we should do well.”


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