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Fix The Road Demonstration: KEEA MCE giving 2 weeks to commerce on repairing the Ataabadze to Bantuma road

Fix the road demonstration

Fix The Road Demonstration: KEEA MCE giving 2 weeks to commerce on repairing the Ataabadze to Bantuma road

Drivers and citizens from Ataabadze, Essaman, Pershie, Dwira Akyinim, Bantuma Akyinim, and Bantuma staged a protest on September 13, 2023, to voice their complaints to the MCE of KEEA, Hon. Solomon Ebo Appiah, about the terrible condition of their road from Ataabadze to Bantuma.

Over the years, the road has served as the primary gateway to Elmina’s hospitality enclaves, including Edinaman Senior High School, Coconut Grove Beach Resort, Golden Hill Parker Hotel, Lemon Beach Resort, and Elmina Bay Resort.

Car owners and drivers are now having a lot of trouble using this road since they need to purchase new parts to replace any that have been destroyed.

People who utilized the road to get to work are now having difficulty getting there since drivers now use the main Takoradi to Cape Coast highway instead of taking the elmina, leaving them trapped and requiring them to use a drop-off route.

When delivering the letter to the MCE, the convenor, Emmanuel Nana Awotwe (an aspiring Assembly member for the Bantuma Electoral Area), said that most hotels are experiencing poor patronage since travelers often turn around and look for another resort to stay at when they notice the condition of the road. The majority of parents who live outside the town send their children to alternative schools because fewer people use the roads, which is a problem for most private schools.

He continued by giving the group two weeks to convince the contractor to come back and fix the road; if not, the protest will be presented to local authorities.

When speaking to the media, drivers also displayed some of the spare components they had purchased. The majority of women also reported miscarriages while traveling to their various hospitals.

Upon receiving the letter, the MCE for KEEA, Hon Solomon Ebo Appiah, reassured the recipients that all essential efforts had been taken to get the contractor to fix the road.

Convenor: Emmanuel Nana Awotwe also know as Hon. Nana (Aspiring Assembly Member for Bantuma Electoral Area)

Source: Djqwequwadup.com

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