For the Akokoa remix, neither Fameye nor Ameardo got in touch with me – Safo Newman

The popular Ghanaian musician Safo Newman has responded to reports that he turned down requests for a remix of his song Akokoa, which went viral, from Amerado and Fameye.

Safo rose to popularity with his smash song Akokoa, which was praised by A-list celebrities like Tulenkey and Sarkodie. While Tulenkey labeled him an abnormality and urged him to keep up his performance, Sarkodie praised him as a genuine talent. With over two million plays on Audiomack since its late-year debut, the song is a strong contender for a remix.

A few weeks back, there were rumors that Safo Newman was contacted by Amerado and Fameye to remix Akokoa. Safo Newman did, however, clarify in a recent interview that he had not received a request for a cooperation from Amerado or Fameye.

Reports stating that Safo Newman turned down a feature request from Fameye and Amerado have left him perplexed.

He clarified that he had already spoken with Amerado, who had said that Akokoa didn’t need a remix because it was already flawless.

“I met Amerado a while back; we sat at the same table. Although he said that a remix of Akokoa would give the song fresh life, the music is already flawless. It fulfills all requirements and conveys a positive message. Remixes aren’t logical musically. SafoNewman made known.

The Akokoa crooner responded to Dancehall artist Shatta Wale’s critiques of his brand, which depicted him as impoverished, by stating he isn’t thinking of altering his approach.
Despite being an introvert, he will continue to perform his music for those who can connect with it.

He maintained that he would stick to his brand and that his personality would prevent him from living up to everyone’s expectations.

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