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Gee Blaq, Manager for Highlife Icon Nana Acheampong, Endorses Ken Ohene Agyapong with a Powerful Showdown Song “3y3 Ken Dea

Gee Blaq

Gee Blaq, Manager of Highlife Icon Nana Acheampong, Endorses Ken Ohene Agyapong with the Powerful Showdown Song “3y3 Ken Dea”


Nana Acheampong is regarded as a renowned figure in Ghanaian highlife music. Behind every successful musician is a dedicated manager who plays an important role in their career. In this situation, Gee Blaq, Nana Acheampong’s manager, has taken a risk by promoting Ken Ohene Agyapong, a presidential aspirant for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), in a riveting showdown song named “3y3 Ken dea.” This endorsement demonstrates not only Gee Blaq’s support for Agyapong, but also the candidate’s honesty, philanthropy, and love for Ghana.

Gee Blaq, a well-known figure in Ghana’s music industry, has long been noted for his remarkable managing abilities. Nana Acheampong, who has charmed audiences with his deep highlife music for decades, has benefited much from his abilities to encourage and foster talent. Gee Blaq has now decided to utilize his clout to support Ken Ohene Agyapong, a guy he believes holds the attributes required to lead Ghana to greater heights.

“3y3 Ken dea” – A Violent Battle Song

Gee Blaq has released a powerful song named “3y3 Ken dea” to convey his support for Ken Ohene Agyapong. The song is a rallying cry for Ghanaians to rally behind Agyapong’s presidential bid. “3y3 Ken dea” has catchy songs and thought-provoking lyrics.

Ken Ohene Agyapong is a man of integrity, philanthropy, and affection for Ghana.

Ken Ohene Agyapong’s name is well-known. Agyapong has earned the trust and respect of many Ghanaians due to his unrelenting honesty. His dedication to transparency and accountability in government has won him a reputation as a man of character.

Furthermore, Agyapong’s charitable efforts have impacted the lives of innumerable Ghanaians. His efforts to improve education, healthcare, and infrastructure in many communities have had a tremendous impact on the lives of those who are less fortunate. Agyapong’s philanthropy demonstrates his genuine affection for Ghana and desire to see the country thrive.

Gee Blaq’s support for Ken Ohene Agyapong demonstrates the candidate’s excellent talents. By supporting Agyapong, Gee Blaq is not only endorsing a political figure, but also a man who sincerely cares about the well-being of Ghana and its people.

Gee Blaq, the manager of iconic Ghanaian highlife figure Nana Acheampong, has taken a risk by backing Ken Ohene Agyapong, a presidential aspirant for the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Gee Blaq shows his support for Agyapong in his passionate song “3y3 Ken dea,” which stresses the candidate’s honesty, charity, and love for Ghana.This endorsement is a reminder that music and politics can collide, providing a platform for musicians and management to voice their opinions and support for a better Ghana.

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