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Gifted student from Ghana achieves new heights by building a helicopter, an excavator, watercraft and game controller

Gifted student

Gifted student from Ghana achieves new heights by building a helicopter, an excavator, watercraft and game controller


At the Nkawie Senior High Technical School, a young bright Ghanaian student called Sarfo has constructed a helicopter, an excavator, a watercraft, and a game controller.

The narrative of this young Ghanaian student is a tribute to the boundless potential of young brains in this world where creativity and inventiveness know no limitations. This creative individual has constructed a working aircraft, excavator, watercraft, and game controller in an amazing demonstration of talent and perseverance. We learn about the amazing path of this burgeoning innovator as we explore deeper into this astonishing story, which is grabbing attention and igniting the nation.

Our narrative starts with the curiosity and zeal of a talented Ghanaian student whose name is quickly becoming associated with invention. This extraordinary skill manifested a never-ending thirst for information from an early age, frequently disassembling household items to learn more about their internal mechanisms. Ultimately, this curiosity would pave the way for an amazing creative adventure.

At the Nkawie Senior High Technical School, the popular Ghanaian YouTuber, Atta Smart of “DISCOVER WITH ATTA SMART” on YouTube interviewed the talented student to know more about his love for innovation and how it all started. The seventeen (17) year old student gave detailed account of his journey.


The Helicopter Dream

One of the most remarkable achievements of this gifted student is the construction of a fully functional helicopter. Combining self-taught knowledge, trial and error, and a relentless pursuit of aviation dreams, this young visionary brought his helicopter design to life. The project involved crafting the frame, installing a homemade engine, and perfecting the control mechanisms. The result was a remarkable flying machine that took to the skies of Ghana, capturing the imagination of many.

The amazing thing is his ability to household gadgets like tv amplifiers, gears, tv antenna, fans, etc. to create his invention. He highlighted that his total cost for making the helicopter was ghc200.


On the Excavation machine

Our prodigy decided to broaden his skill set after becoming an expert in flying by creating an excavator from scratch. He painstakingly created a multipurpose machine capable of digging, lifting, and carrying big items by taking his design cues from the demands of the construction sector. He created the device using toothpicks, a VC motor, IV drips, roofing materials, and a fruit juice carton (often known as Kalypo in Ghana). This accomplishment not only demonstrated extraordinary technological prowess, but it will also offer a potential solution to the country’s infrastructure problems if he’s well groomed.

When discussing the difficulties he had while building the helicopter, he mentioned working with cutting-edge materials that posed a risk to his safety.


Crossing Waters

On land, creativity didn’t end. With the help of some paper, a roofing sheet, and a glass, our talented Ghanaian student experimented with boats. With a focus on security, effectiveness, and environmental awareness, this amazing watercraft demonstrated the young inventor’s versatility. The watercraft project gave him another accomplishment and showed how deeply he was committed to making a positive impact on society.


Gaming Aspect

In a world where entertainment and technology coexist, our young genius’ inventiveness came to fruition in the form of a special game controller. Instead of attaching it to a gaming console as is typically done, the controller’s design has a feature that allows you to play games straight on your phone. The gaming experience has been improved by this component of his research, demonstrating a comprehensive mastery of electronics, user interface, and human-computer interaction. He recounted how he used spoilt Android game controller, OTG cable and a kalypo box to create his game controller through research. His reputation as a well-rounded innovator was confirmed by this effort.




Speaking to the Assistant Headmaster (Academics)

The Assistant headmaster of the school, Mr Thomas Akowuah, spoke fondly of the student and all the necessary support the school has offered and still providing to make him successful. He also spoke about how his colleagues have labeled him as the ‘genius’ who will take Ghana to the technological future.

STEM Education currently is Ghana’s top priority in the education sector.

“We are currently talking to one of the professors in the country and also some personnel in the media so that he can get the necessary exposure he needs.”, he told Atta Smart.

Additionally, he begged the government and authorities to give the school workshops so that students could learn more effectively because all of the school’s equipment is outdated and inefficient.


Inspiration and Impact

In addition to capturing the nation’s attention, this talented Ghanaian student’s accomplishments have inspired many other young people. He is a live example of what can be accomplished when one is curious, has a strong work ethic, and has unflinching confidence in their own skills.

He claimed to receive massive support from his teachers and colleagues.


Future Prospects

With a bright future ahead, this talented student’s journey is far from over. The helicopter, excavator, watercraft, and game controller are just the beginning. His vision extends beyond individual projects to the aspiration of creating innovative solutions for a multitude of challenges faced by Ghana and the world at large. With the right support and resources, there’s no limit to what this young innovator can achieve.

He stated, however, he would like to go to engineering school, and he will also be very happy if there will be a scholarship for him after High school to learn more about what he’s doing.



A talented youngster in the heart of Ghana has pushed the limits of what is conceivable by building a helicopter, excavator, watercraft and game controller. His narrative serves as an inspiration for all aspiring innovators and inventors, a ray of hope, and a tribute to the potential that youngsters possess. This incredible journey serves as a constant reminder that individuals with the courage to dream and take initiative hold the future in their hands.



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