Gospel music is a calling for all gospel artists, says Brother Ishmael

Brother Ishmael

Gospel music is a calling for all gospel artists, says Brother Ishmael.


American-based Ghanaian gospel musician Brother Ishmael has urged all gospel artists to focus more on the ministry side of gospel music and not on the monetary aspect.


The CMA Gospel Artist of the Year for CMA23, speaking to Kofy Jesse on the “Spotlight Show” on Kofy Jesse TV, revealed that much gospel music is a ministry and needed to be called out as such because it’s a calling from God.


Most gospel musicians feel discouraged and end up quitting the music, while some also channel their gospel gift into performing secular music since most money is made from that angle. With the investment pushed into recording, mastering, performing, and promoting, most are aimed at making more profit out of the investment made. Also, most gospel artists find it difficult to get investors to help them produce their music because of the amount of money made after the music is released.


“For the Gospel fraternity, most people are made to believe there isn’t money in it, but most Gospel musicians don’t realize that this is a calling from God. God has called us to minister to lost souls through music.”


He ended by encouraging all gospel music performers to see it as “a God-Giving Gift” that needed to be handled and done well.

“I will encourage all gospel artists to do it and do it well because we have that gift and it is for a purpose.”


Source: DjQwequ

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