GWR: Seidu Rafiwu ends 4-day walk-a-thon from Techiman to Accra at Independence Square

Seidu Rafiwu

Seidu Rafiwu, a young man from Ghana who is vying for the record of longest walk by an individual in the Guinness World Records, finished his trek today in Independence Square in Accra.
Rafiwu set out on his expedition on Saturday, April 27, and finished his 383-kilometer walk from Techiman to Accra in 96 hours.

He reached the pinnacle of his record attempt earlier today in Osu, Accra’s Independence Square.

He said on Facebook shortly before noon,  “Alhamdulillah, finally we made it. A big thanks to everyone who helped made this a reality”, signaling the end of his walkathon attempt.

Rafiwu’s Guinness World Record hasn’t been without controversies with reports of being rushed to the hospital due to exhaustion almost marring his attempt on Saturday.

However, he later debunked the rumours, and explained that the said viral video of him receiving treatment in the ambulance was part of his scheduled recovery session by his medical team.

The current walking marathon record was set by America’s Jesse Casteneda in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, on September 1976 after walking for 228.930 kilometres.

It’s the hope of Ghanaians that Seidu Rafiwu’s attempt will be successful.


Source: Djqwequ

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