I create from scratch to make my songs original—G-West

I create from scratch to make my songs original—G-West

George Kofi Mensah, known in Ghana’s music circles as G-West, in an interview on mix flavor with Sika Warmann on western region-based Taadi FM 99.1 during his regional promotional tour on Thursday, April 4th, drew the line between the current music trends in Ghana and that of his style of music.

In his statement on what keeps him going since he started his music journey, the rising Ghanaian music star hinted that, ever since he stayed original with his music, everything is going very well for him. “I truly love music. If you really are yourself, you will surely get the right people around you to help push your brand,” he added.

G-West also added that music is a global thing. You just have to make good music that will feel good to you and the people around you, especially your fans.

For the 5 years he’s been in the music industry, G-West said he has really learned on the journey and thinks he is currently paying his dues in the Ghanaian music industry, and when the time is right, he will be as loud as his fans are expecting. “Everything has been a steady rise,” he added.

On his current hit song “People Pleaser,” which was released recently, G-West stated that the song talks about a lady who can’t say no to a guy, and he’s in the song trying to tell the lady to stop and focus on him alone.

Meanwhile, the music video for “People Pleaser” is currently out, and he urges the global music industry to pay attention to his craft, especially urging his fans to keep on supporting his brand.

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