I regret not being able to film the “Adiza” video with Sarkodie—Koby Symple sobs.

Koby Symple

Koby Symple, the current Central Music Awards artist of the year, has expressed regret over Sarkodie’s decision not to film the music video for his smash song “Adiza,” which was published seven years ago.

During an open discussion with Emcee Bebe on Ultimate 106.9 FM, Koby Symple voiced his dissatisfaction with Ghanaian rap legend Sarkodie’s choice to not work with him on the music video for their popular track “ADIZA.” Symple disclosed that although they had a great time working together on the song, Sarkodie had refused to be involved in the music video.

Koby Symple made a suggestion that Sarkodie might not have been thrilled with the “ADIZA” video director that was selected. Conjecturing about Sarkodie’s choice, Symple speculated that the well-known artist might have had particular tastes or expectations for the visual components that weren’t in line with the director of choice’s aesthetic.

Koby Symple was unfazed by the failure and expressed excitement for “ADIZA’s” future, even mentioning his intention to rework the song. Unexpectedly, Symple disclosed his desire to work on the remix with Flavour, a Nigerian musician, giving the already popular song a global edge.

Fans of both artists are now looking forward to any prospective remix with great anticipation, as KOBY Symple continues to be tenacious in his quest for artistic development and collaboration. The interview highlights the potential and difficulties that persist even after a fruitful musical collaboration, illuminating the intricacies of the music business.


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