“I spent ten years dating Super OD,” actress Janet Ackon says.

Janet Ackon

Veteran Ghanaian actress Janet Ackom recently discussed her sexual history with the late Super OD, also known as Asonaba Kwaku Darko.

The well-known actress said that she dated Super OD for an amazing ten years in an open conversation with Akosua High Tension on Atinka FM’s Efisem show, revealing personal information about their relationship.

Mama Jane said that on their first date, the late actor took advantage of her by having sex with her. She described Super OD to her blind side, adding a drug to her drink that rendered her unconscious.

The actress said the man had slept with her when she woke up and warned her not to fall in love with anyone else because they were now dating.

”It’s true, I dated Super OD. I think we dated for 10 good years. I remember I went out to a hotel with OD. I was 21 at that time and I was beautiful. When we got there I said I would take Fanta not knowing OD had laced my drink with a substance. I slept off only to wake up and see that he had slept with me.

He told me not to date anybody else, especially not the guys we work with, since he will beat and fire me if he finds out,” the woman remarked.

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