In light of the unstable power supply, actress Yvonne Nelson calls for a fresh Dumsor Must Stop Vigil.

Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson of Ghana has used social media to mobilize her fellow countrymen in a fresh appeal for action against the recurring power crisis, which is locally referred to as Dumsor.

Nelson wrote an emotional statement that was posted on Twitter, expressing her serious concern about the crippling power outage issue returning and her appeal for a coordinated effort to hold the country’s leaders accountable.

In the letter to fellow Ghanaians, Nelson emphasized her track record as a proponent of positive change, citing her leadership of the 2015 DumsorMustStop Campaign with prominent figures like Kofi Bentil from Imani Ghana, Prince David Osei, D Black, Van Vicker, Efya, Sarkodie, Barima Sidney, and DKB.

Nelson reflected on the difficulties encountered in the first campaign and underlined the necessity of another group endeavor to deal with the ongoing power issue. She pointed out that Dumsor had persisted for a long time and that it was concerning and bad for the country’s development.

Nelson emphasized the nonpartisan character of the opposition to Dumsor, even if he acknowledged the changing political environment and the realignments of some individuals. She urged Ghanaians to join her in advocating for significant action to end the present power crisis. These people included volunteers, members of the legal community, and concerned individuals.

The actress announced that she had invited important Imani Ghanaians, like as Kofi Bentil and Franklin Cudjoe, and asked for their cooperation in planning another DumsorMustStop Vigil. She did, however, reveal that she had not heard back from them about whether they would be interested in sponsoring another vigil.
Nelson emphasized the need of cooperation and teamwork, emphasizing that she cannot resolve this issue on her own.

Nelson tapped into Ghanaians’ sense of patriotism in her closing remarks, calling on them to band together to support a better and more prosperous future for their country. She invited anyone who was interested in helping to get in touch with her immediately by phone or email in order to provide their knowledge and support to the cause.

Source: Djqwequ

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