K.E.E.A municipal assembly celebrates the 67th Independence Day in grand style

On March 6, 2024, the 67th Independence Day of our dear nation, Ghana, the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem municipal assembly successfully organized a school march parade on K.E.E.A. at Elmina SSNIT Park.

Lawyer Solomon Ebo Appiah, the Municipal Chief Executive for the Assembly, speaks at the event and makes some noteworthy remarks.

1. We celebrate the anniversary of the day we achieve the anviable status of becoming the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to be deprived of colonial rule.

2. We fought for the independence day we have today.

3. Ghana believes in the rule of law.

4. We stand tall among equals, as some countries across West Africa now live under military rule.

5. “Our Democracy, Our Pride” emphasizes the importance of democracy in Ghana and the pride Ghanaians take in the democratic system.

6. The government of Ghana has implemented transformative policies, particularly in the education sector, to reduce the burdens on its citizens. Such policies have increased education at the basic level.

7. The free senior high school educational policy has been very beneficial to needy students.

8. The K.E.E. An assembly with the ‘Education Trust Fund” has constructed school blocks and other offices for schools within K.E.E.A.

9. Teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS data aren’t good for the assembly. Stakeholders should come on board to help curb this.

10. Congratulations to Hon. Samuel Atta Mills and Hon. Percyval Dennis Quaicoe for emerging as winners as MP candidates for their various parties.

11. Political parties must make sure this year’s election is peaceful.

12. Students have a role in keeping democracy alive.

13. Delaying presiding officer elections will have an effect on our developmental projects.

After a successful match parading, below are the winners:



1. Ayensudo Hope Academy

2. Elmina Sharrif Islamic School

3. Ola girls



1. Elmina Methodist School

2. Daddies Firm Foundation

3. Elmina Catholic Girls School



1. Eguafo Abrem Senior High School

2. Komenda Sec/Tec School

3. Edinaman Senior High School




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