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Kobby Kyei Constructs Zebra Crossing At Sowutuom With Norwegian Embassy’s Support

Kobby Kyei

Kobby Kyei Constructs Zebra Crossing At Sowutuom With Norwegian Embassy’s Support


Ghanaian blogger and on-screen media personality Augustus Koranteng Kyei, known popularly as Kobby Kyei, with the help of the Norwegian ambassador, Ingrid Mollestad, has constructed a zebra crossing for the people of Sowutuom.

This comes off the back of the Respect Zebra Crossing Campaign he championed last year to raise awareness of the negligence of drivers who don’t heed zebra crossings.

The newly built zebra crossing will serve the community’s people, especially students of Mizpah-D Academy who suffer at the hands of negligent drivers.

Kobby Kyei said he started the campaign after noticing that the zebra crossing is among the most disrespected road rules. He also said that after conducting his survey, he realised one of the leading causes of people dying on the road was drivers not adhering to the zebra crossing rule.

“I am a driver, and anytime I am driving, I witness how the aged and kids struggle to cross the road, especially when they are standing at the zebra crossing. That was when I felt I needed to start the initiative to champion this road safety campaign. The leading cause of road deaths is drivers not respecting the zebra crossing. So, I want to make a change.” he said.

After starting the campaign, the blogger said he has seen positive impacts as many drivers respect the traffic rule.

“A friend recently spoke to me and told me he was in a car and noticed the driver stopping at every zebra crossing. He investigated why he was stopping at each zebra crossing, and his reply was, ‘Haven’t you heard about Kobby Kyei’s Respect Zebra Crossing campaign?’ that’s the impact we are fighting for.” he added.

Her Excellency Ingrid Mollestad, Norway’s ambassador to Ghana, also shared a lovely time with the kids of Mizpah-D Academy, the school near where the new zebra crossing was constructed. She educated them about road safety and also how to use the zebra crossing while crossing a road properly. She believes road safety in the nation can improve in Ghana, so she supports the little way she can.

We can safely say road safety in Ghana can be improved; that’s why I am enthusiastic to support Kobby Kyei and his project, Respect Zebra Crossing. I am privileged and happy to be here with the kids at Mizpah-D Academy. We spoke about road safety and also inaugurate the new zebra crossing. She said.

The following personalities have supported the Respect Zebra Crossing campaign championed by Kobby Kyei; Her Excellency Daniela d’Orlandi (Italian ambassador to Ghana/Togo), Nana Ama McBrown (Actress and TV personality), Wode Maya (Youtuber), Kwadwo Sheldon (Youtuber), Anita Akua Akuffo (TV3, media personality), Kofi Adomah Nwanwani (Kofi Tv, media personality), Anne Sophie Ave ( French diplomat), Ms Selorm Magdalene Gadah (Winner of Ghana’s Most Beautiful, 2023), Dwannwdickson (USA, entrepreneur) and Karen Hendrickson (CEO, Rabito Clinic).

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