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Lilwin Takes Issue with Martha Ankomah for Turning Down the Kumawood Part

Lilwin and Martha Ankomah

Actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin has taken issue with Martha Ankomah, the actress, harshly. Lilwin charges Ankomah with being unstable financially and unpopular due to her alleged refusal to star in Kumawood productions.

According to reports, Martha Ankomah was offered a job by a filmmaker, but she turned it down since she thought Kumawood productions had interesting plots. After finding out about Ankomah’s choice, Lilwin became enraged and used harsh language to condemn her on social media.


Lilwin referred to Ankomah as a “idiot” and denigrated her abilities and financial stability in a social media post. He further asserted that Ankomah did not have the same level of public recognition as himself.


Fans are confused by Lilwin’s verbal attacks’ severity during this public spat.

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