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Mr. Samuel Kofi Dentu provides 3-day skills training to KEEA delegates as part of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovative Programme

Samuel Kofi Dentu

Mr. Samuel Kofi Dentu provides 3-day skills training to KEEA delegates as part of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovative Programme.


Mr. Samuel Kofi Dentu, the deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Ghana Export Promotion Authority, together with the National Entrepreneurship and Innovative Programme, will be taking the NPP delegates at KEEA through a 3-day skills training aimed at empowering them to be their own boss.

Under the “KEEA Delegates Economic Empowerment Program,” all delegates will be trained in the making of products like soap and detergents, grains and cereals, juice and drinks, nuts, tubers and legumes, cosmetics and oils, etc. Mr. Dentu believes that developing the skills of the youth is a fundamental step in the development of KEEA and the nation at large.

Speaking as the KEEA constituency organizer for NPP, Mr. Abdul Salam Said explained the vision of Mr. Dentu to equip the people of KEEA with skills training (this being the third organized program) and also made it known that packages are prepared as starters for the delegates to start something on their own. He also thanked the delegates for showing up and urged them to make good use of the skills learned today for a better tomorrow.

Speaking to some of the trained delegates, they expressed their happiness, thanked the aspiring MP for this vision to make them bosses, and blessed him with their prayers.

“I heard the news about this skills training and decided to come and learn something. I do work on my own, but also, it’s important I get other skills to add  up.”Mrs. Margaret Osei-Essilfie, Elmina

“I already have knowledge of liquid soap making but still decided to come and learn more. What I learned here is more advanced than what I know, and this will really help me. I have some ladies I am training, so I will teach them when I get home. God bless our incoming MP for such an initiative. Mad. Esther Bonku, Komenda

Source: DjQwequ

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