Naira Marley denies any involvement in Mohbad’s death and promises to work with authorities.

Naira Marley vs Mohbad's death

Naira Marley, a Nigerian artist, has formally denied any involvement in the unfortunate death of his former signee, Mohbad.

The terrible death of the rising artist has sent shockwaves through the music business and beyond, generating a flood of accusations and speculation.

Since the news of Mohbad’s death broke, Naira Marley, known for his provocative image, has been under great scrutiny. In a heartbreaking statement, the artist emphatically denied any suggestions that he played a role in the sad incident, either directly or indirectly. He went on to accuse unknown people of seeking to smear his name and stated that Mohbad’s death was part of a diabolical scheme to frame him.

Naira Marley opens the statement by expressing his sorrow and grief over the death of Mohbad, whom he regarded as a brother and member of their music family. He expressed his sympathies to the deceased’s family, wishing them fortitude to face such an irreparable loss.

Naira Marley explicitly denied any participation in Mohbad’s death, underlining that their arguments, while frequent in the industry, had never progressed to the amount stated by some. He emphasized that before the catastrophe, they were in the midst of formally addressing their commercial disagreements.

Naira further stated that he had been out of the country since August 31, 2023, and that he was making plans to return to Nigeria in order to fully comply with the ongoing police investigation. He expressed confidence that the truth of Mohbad’s death will finally be revealed.

Naira Marley revealed that Mohbad had left his label, Marlian Music, in September 2022, and that his resignation had been accepted without causing any disruption to his career. He denied claims about his label’s involvement in criminal operations and vowed to prove his innocence.

The artist extended his condolences to Mohbad’s family and asked everyone to focus on providing proper information and proof to the ongoing investigation. He told the authorities that he would completely cooperate with them and that his lawyers were already in contact with law enforcement.


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