Police at Assin Fosu arrest an apprentice for allegedly staging a kidnapping with his boyfriend.

Comfort Aidoo

Comfort Aidoo, a 19-year-old seamstress apprentice in Assin Fosu, was arrested by police for reportedly conspiring with her boyfriend in a kidnapping prank and demanding a ransom from her parents.

According to the mother, the suspect, in despair, called a neighbor in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District where they live to alert them (parents) that the kidnappers had locked her up in an unfinished structure at Adansi Praso.

She claimed that the purported kidnapper, who spoke pigyy English mixed with twi, told them over the phone that a machete was wrapped around the daughter’s neck and that a ransom of Gh2,000.00 was wanted for her release.

Madam Felicia Appoh and her husband, horrified by the news, went on a furious dash to find money to pay the alleged kidnappers in order to avoid the killing of the suspect, as they had led them to believe.

Fifteen minutes after depositing the funds into a Momo account provided by the suspects, they received word from the daughter that she had been released but had been dropped off near a jungle in Assin Juaso.

The family went to the spot to pick her up, but additional questioning showed contradictions in her narrative, raising suspicion.

According to the suspect’s mother, she was dragged into a taxi cab heading from Assin Fosu to Kumasi, blindfolded, and driven to several unknown locations.

Meanwhile, she had previously reported being abducted by her ex-boyfriend and demanding the money he spent on her when they were together.

The family, unconvinced by the tale, turned her over to the police for examination.

Furthermore, Mr. Yaw Appoh, the father, stated that the family went to great lengths to facilitate the ransom because there was no money available.

He pleaded with the authorities to thoroughly investigate his daughter in order to locate the accomplices.

Source// Annan

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