Rex Omar Vs Afua Asantewaa O Aduonum: Reasons why Ghamro can stop Afua Asantewaa O Aduonum from performing the songs

Rex Omar and Afua Asantewaa

Gharmo chairman and legendary Highlife Artiste, Rex Omar has taken to Facebook page to explain his reasons as to why Ghamro can decide to stop her from performing the songs she decides to.


According him, Afua and her management need to sit down and list all the songs she want to perform and present it to Ghamro office which will help Ghamro to do follow up on streams and airplay to generate money for the artistes involved.


Read the post below


Those of you insulting and making reckless comments out ignorance in relation to my statement regarding Afua Asantewaa O Aduonum Guinness book of records project on GTV,

Please permit me to educate you a bit.


1. My statement was not to target and destroy her project as I was one of the first people who posted and promoted her on my page.


2. What I’m advising her to do is to help her avoid any future issues after she has won or has become successful by setting the new record.


3. I decided to use that gtv platform to educate the numerous music users to always do the right thing to enable our Collective Management Organizations (CMO’s) to maximize collection s for the beneficiary owners of the work/properties.


5. One may ask, how will GHAMRO follow the money after the program?

My answer; What she intends to do will (a) will expose all the SONG she’ll sing globally in different territories (b) When that happens, some of the SONGS will attract more airplay, streaming, and many other usages, since she is a Ghanaian and all the SONGS she’s going sing are also Ghanaian compositions and GHAMRO is the only CMO for music in Ghana, it will be our responsibility to follow the money for its frightful owners as Afua is NOT the owner of any of the SONGS she is going to sing.


5. Afua and her team are the only people who know the names of SONGS and the artistes who’s work they’re going to USE, all she needs to do is to list those songs and the names of the Artistes of those songs and ask her team to send a copy to Ghamro, under any normal circumstance, this is the right to do I think we’re asking too much. There is a rule to every game, Ghana can’t play games with it’s own rules and expect any good outcomes. We complain a lot about the music game yet we don’t want to be responsible to follow its rules that will ensure beneficial outcomes?

Afua has mine and Ghamro’s support but her team must do the right thing.

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