See Photos: Akwaboah Senior Goes Home today

Akwaboah snr

Heartfelt tribute moments filled the air at the mournful ceremony that marked the final farewell to the legendary Ghanaian artist, Kwadwo Akwaboah, often known as Akwaboah Senior.

The veteran artist, 60, who died on May 16, was laid to rest today, September 30, 2023, at Trede in Kumasi, in a poignant funeral service.

Moments embodying the spirit of Akwaboah Senior’s life and profession were exhibited during the funeral, provoking both smiles and tears from those in attendance. These photographs provided as a visual narrative of his journey, highlighting moments of joy, tenacity, and musical talent.

The reverent funeral service paid honor to the musician’s tremendous career.

Mourners came to remember his life and artistic achievements, including family, friends, and admirers. The setting, chosen with care for its significance, became a place where memories of Akwaboah Senior’s exceptional talent and effect could be shared and remembered.

The mood was laced with a combination of sorrow and happiness as the ceremony progressed, reflecting the duality of bidding farewell to a beloved hero while recognizing the lasting legacy he left on Ghana’s music business. Mourners sang together, expressing their grief and thanks via music, which Akwaboah Senior spoke fluently.

During the solemn occasion, Akwaboah Junior, the late musician’s son, tweeted to console himself and the family who had lost their loved one.

Until his death, Akwaboah Senior was known for his legendary compositions such as “Hini Me” and “Awerekyekyere,” as well as many more classic songs.

This highlife legend’s legacy lives on through his timeless melodies and the impact he has on the Ghanaian music industry.

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