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Shatta Wale songs vanishes Quickly – Mixtic RomRas

Mixtic RomRas and Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale songs vanishes Quickly – Mixtic RomRas

Renounced media personality and artist manager, Mixtic RomRas, has opened up on a very deep discussion as to why Shatta Wale songs get off the market in a haste.

He gave some specifics as to why such things happen to the dancehall king and also gave hits on how such things can be solved.

According to his post, chanced upon by Blogger DjQwequ of wadupgh.com, he suspected the quarrels between Shatta Wale and some media personnel’s as one of the major factors leading to his songs not staying in the media playlists for long.

Shatta Wale has been known for his consistent rants with media gurus like Andy Dosty of Hitz FM insulting his mother and also raining insults on Despite Media Boss (Kwame Despite), Managing Director for Despite Media (Father Dickson), and other Despite Media workers.

This, according to Mixtic RomRas, might be the cause of such gurus choosing to blacklist his songs from their playlists.

Read his post below:

The rate at which Shatta wale’s songs vanishes quickly, is a very wrong signal and a deeper forensics must be done to find a very lasting solution.

From i end i suspect the attempted blacklisting of some media persons who directly or indirectly ban songs of Shatta wale on their shows and their platforms.

You can feel this has really affected his incoming song because irrespective of how the song will trend online, if the street and the media especially traditional radio don’t bang it frequently, it will not last the test of time.

What will benefit a media to discuss Shatta wale matters but skip playing his products on their platforms?

Now the fans, gone were the days SM fans had groups, they were organizing walks, games, parties and related media activities to support Shatta wale, but in recent times many of these opinion leaders and groups are not putting in same efforts, i wanna believe there was something wrong that management really gonna fix.

Also few days ago, I had a conversation with Evans Annan Acquah about how some of us can play Shatta wale’s songs in public places yet when we condemn his actions some fans come ranting and insulting as if they love Shatta Wale more than us who play his songs to the public where us all they can offer him is streaming ones and attacking people more.

Infact, these musical warfare and character assassinations isn’t positive towards products but anything that got to do with discipline must also be highly upheld to serve as a deterrent.

Anyway, Shatta wale loves what he is doing an as far as it puts food on his table then voilà!

Same is the media persons, if blacklisting him put food on your table then cool but the act of double standards are very unhealthy.
( i will blacklist your Song but i will talk about you when your subject is in the news) lol


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