Teacher asks to be buried on Valentine’s Day after his lover breaks up with him

Teacher to be buried on vals day

On Wednesday, February 7, a young teacher from Embu County, Kenya, took his own life because his ex-girlfriend rejected him.

The young man said in a message that he killed himself because he could not bear the thought of seeing the girl fall in love with someone else.

The young man also expressed his preferences for his funeral service, stating that he would like to be buried on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

“I just choose to go to sleep in quiet. In part, the suicide note said, “I have tried all means, but it has been in Vain.”

He also provided his girlfriend’s contact information, saying that she ought to read his eulogy.

Two members of the county assembly were tasked with organizing the funeral, and they were instructed to make sure a picture he left behind would be included in the program.

The teacher said, showing signs of sadness, that he had talked to 17 people about his broken relationship, but no one had bothered to listen to him or give him advise.

He lamented, “I have begged with (the ex-girlfriend), but all has gone unanswered.”

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