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To complete the National Cathedral, a further $250 million is required – Kusi Boateng.

Kusi Boateng

Reverend Victor Kusi Boateng, the Executive Secretary of the National Cathedral Board of Trustees, has spoken out about the need for more money to finish the enormous project.

He stressed that the construction will not be completed without an additional $200 to $250 million.

In light of the long-term advantages the National Cathedral will provide for the nation, Reverend Boateng believes that funding its completion is a reasonable price to pay. He emphasized the material and spiritual benefits and exhorted the populace to unite in thanksgiving for Ghana’s bounty.

“If we could raise an amount of $ 200 million to $ 250 million the National Cathedral will be completed, let’s look at the advantages the Cathedral will bring to Ghana and its financial benefits, as a nation. God has blessed us, we need to come together and thank Him,” he admonished.

Reverend Boateng envisioned the National Cathedral as a focal point of cultural legacy, drawing a parallel to the well-known National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

He pointed out that even with the Ghanaian project’s lower budget of about $300 million, it would be larger and feature more cutting-edge technology than the National Museum of African American History and Culture, also referred to as the Blacksonian, which is located in Washington, DC.

“Washington museum in construction cost $ 600 million but after the completion of the Cathedral, Ghana shall have a Bible museum of Africa that will in terms of space, content and technology be higher than the American Museum that cost them $600 million.

“All costs together our Cathedral, Biblical Museum, Biblical Gardens is just around $300 million, and ours is bigger than the American Bible Museum that cost $600 million. If you look in-depth into the data, you realise that although $300 million is money but compared to the $ 600 million we’ve done well.”

Reverend Boateng made an appeal to Christians and believers, comparing the building of the Cathedral to a treasured tradition and urging cooperation. He underlined the need of having a dedicated religious building that is comparable to the well-known sites around the world for other faiths.

“The third most visited site for Muslims is the Mosque in Abu Dhabi, there is a Mosque and Cathedral in Abu Dhabi which has attracted thousands of people. Let us Christians also know that this project is like a heritage to us and for us, let us rise, and build this.” he said.

In response to queries on purported financial mismanagement, Reverend Boateng vehemently denied reports of trustee payments and money diversion, emphasizing that no proof of these accusations has been made available to the public.

This comes following accusations made by Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, the Member of Parliament for North Tongu, claiming the Reverend received GH₵ 2.6 million from project monies under the pretense of contractor mobilization—a claim the reverend characterizes as “lies, lies, blatant lies.”

”There is no single theft that has occurred within the coffers of the National Cathedral, the great men behind it will not sit back and watch it happen,” he emphasised.

Reverend Boateng expressed hope that the National Cathedral project is starting to get traction and that he is certain that God will provide the funding and assistance required to complete the construction of the cathedral, even in the absence of outside assistance. All Ghanaians would receive assistance so they can witness the Lord’s works, he said.

Source: djqwequwadup.com

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