We will have to promote tourism everyday – CNC director for Central Region, Madam Dorcas Salamatu Alhassan

Madam Dorcas Salamatu Alhassan

We will have to promote tourism everyday – CNC director, Central Region

Ghana is blessed with several tourism spots that might create a lot of money when foreigners visit and appreciate such areas, but how well are they promoted?

Making the 27th of September, 2023, World tourist Day, the Centre For National Culture Central Region collaborated with the department of tourist management at Cape Coast Technical University to digest how to make our tourism sites and reason on how to improve them to attract more people.

Madam Dorcas Salamatu Alhassan, Director of the Centre for National Culture in the Central Region, has urged all stakeholders and individuals to work together to promote tourism every day in any way possible.

Speaking to Ghanaweb reporter DjQwequ, she revealed that her office intends to organize a series of events to keep their front door busy, and that no money will be collected from any participants who choose to participate.

“In order to promote tourism, we at CNC, Central Region, will organize a food bazaar where people can come and sell their wares.” We also know that castles and other locations are well-known for selling relics. We will not accept money from anyone. We aim to provide a free outdoor location for them to promote arts and culture.”

“This and other initiatives are on the table, but they should not be the end. Every day should be designated as Tourism Day, and we must encourage tourism, arts, and culture”

“When the food exhibitors are in, we will invite locals and international bodies every month to come and enjoy our local cuisine. Apart from that, we will create culture village for musical concerts. We will do this often to keep the spirit of tourism in Ghana high”

She ended by encouraging Ghanaian to buy and use made in Ghana products. This will help in the fight against the Dollar.

Source: DjQwequ

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