Whats Celestine Donkor’s crime? Bongo Ideas questions

Bongo Ideas and Celestine Donkor

A Ghanaian social media critic by the name of Albert Nat Hyde, better known as Bongo Ideas, has thrown his support behind Celestine Donkor, questioning Ghanaians, especially Ewes, on why they are bashing Celestine Donkor after her interview with Cookie Tee, making fun of their names.
From the interview circulating, they both prayed not to be married to men due to how heavy their names sound. They laughed hard during the interview.
Celestine Donkor and Cookie Tee apologized to Ghanaians after the interview, stating that they were just making fun of the names and had the intention of downplaying such names.
This didn’t go well with BongoIdeas, who took to Facebook to state that Celestine Donkor shouldn’t have apologized, and he sees nothing wrong with making fun of the names.
Read his post below:
I strongly believe that Celestine Donkor shouldn’t have apologized, considering that what she jokingly said was without any malice or a concealed intention to make mockery of her own tribe.
This is a woman who has firmly and publicly projected Ewes and their beliefs. In almost all her songs, she has not shied away from where she comes from, nor has she ever denied her lineage.
Just like any association, there are definitely excesses or aspects of it one might not like, and surely you should be free to express that.
The Ewes, who are hell bent on making her feel guilty about her opinion, are just bitter individuals who are projecting their deep-rooted tribal hatred onto her for nothing. It screams insecurity, and they are just happy to have her as a scapegoat.
In their closets, I believe they do have such conversations about the heaviness of their surnames and how it’s always almost a mouthful to pronounce and defend publicly.
Women should be able to make preferences, and if she believes the pronunciation of your name sounds like an incantation, she’s not under any obligation to accept you. It’s trivial, but it’s a fair reason for rejection.
Any association or tribe that makes you feel less threatened and intimidated for sharing your opinion is not worth your allegiance. She has to opt out.

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